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Posted on 01/25/2022
Best Time to Sell your house is NOW!!!
The best time to sell your house is now! If you have considered moving to a different location, city, state or simply a different house. This is the best time to do so. Here' are the 3 biggest reasons: Home Prices are at a all time HIGH! Inventory is low! Interest rates are historicaly low! Call us today...
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Posted on 01/04/2022
Home Renovations: Will Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Them?
Your home insurance policy includes a specific type of coverage called "dwelling coverage." The amount of dwelling coverage that you have is based on your overall home value and the approximate cost to rebuild your home in the event of a total loss. When you renovate your home, you may increase its value — and if you don't...
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Posted on 09/22/2021
Ontario, CA Real Estate Market Update 9/22/2021
Click here to view Ontario, CA blog post which has information on the constantly changing market...
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